Asiana Airlines, formerly known as Seoul Airlines, is the second-largest major airline of South Korea, after Korean Air. The headquarters of this airline is in the Asiana Town building, Seoul. It accounted for a 19% share of the domestic market and a 16% share of the international market in 2018. The domestic hub of the airline is located at Gimpo International Airport and international hub at Incheon International Airport which is 70 kilometers (43 miles) from central Seoul. It flies over 14 domestic and 90 international passenger routes and covers 27 cargo routes throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania as a member of Star Alliance. The company employs 10,183 people as of December 2014. Secure your journey with Asiana Airlines Reservations, and experience world-class facilities on our comfortable flights.

Newborn babies, those with a disability, those with an allergic reaction to certain substances, those with diabetes, elderly passengers with an illness, those with aerophobia, patients, and other passengers requiring continuous care and medical assistance during the flight are taken into consideration and served very well throughout the journey.

Newborn Baby

Newborn babies have not yet reached full physical development, and are unable to regulate their body temperature with immature lung functionalities. Therefore, it is best for newborn babies that are under 1 week old to not travel by air. You must receive advance approval from Asiana Airlines before your flight for the safety of the baby and safe aircraft operations if travel under the age of 1 week is absolutely required. Babies over the age of 1 week may use a cabin bassinet upon boarding the plane.

Elderly passengers in need of care

Elderly passengers having an illness that needs special care are advised to receive confirmation from their regular physician first, before traveling regarding their health status and ability to travel by air. If you need a wheelchair or require special care in the cabin or at the airport, please inform us while reserving Asiana Airlines Tickets in advance. A referral for air travel signed by the doctor may be required.

Passengers with allergies

Passengers with any sort of allergy to a certain substance or food material must notify the airline with facts through the paperwork for incapacitated customers and doctor's note for air travel. It is best to have medication with you at all times in preparation for emergencies.

Passengers with a disability

Asiana Airlines Tickets offers various support services, such as wheelchairs, stretchers (airport evacuation beds), electric vehicles at the airport, Family Service, etc. for passengers with disabilities to make them relish a pleasant journey. If necessary, please reserve this service in advance with Asiana Airlines Reservations. However, if you would like to use a stretcher (airport evacuation bed), you must submit the paperwork for incapacitated passengers and a doctor's note for air travel at least 1 week before departure to make your reservation.

Passengers with diabetes

If your blood sugar level can be regulated by the use of a hypoglycemic agent or insulin injection and you do not have any complications, you will not be restricted from air travel. However, you must carry an insulin syringe into the cabin to regulate your blood sugar level. Kindly submit two copies of a doctor's note to us for airline security purposes. For safety reasons, please contain used syringes and discard them on your own.

Passengers with implanted medical equipment

For customers with implanted medical equipment for treatment purposes, such as a pacemaker, insulin pump, or spinal stimulators, if you are stable in your current state, have no related symptoms or risks, and can take care of yourself in the cabin without any complication, there will not be any restrictions placed for air travel. However, you must give two copies of a doctor's note to pass the security inspection at the airport.

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